South West Asian Hornet Convention and Training Day

On Saturday 25 January 2020, approximately 150 beekeepers from across the South West of England met in Bridgewater, Somerset for the first Asian Hornet Convention and Training Day. The event was organised by the Somerset Beekeepers' Association on behalf of the South West Beekeepers' Forum, providing an opportunity for Asian Hornet Action Teams and beekeepers interested in finding out more about Asian hornets to come together for a practical training day and hear about current research.


New weapon against the Asian hornet

Dr Xesús Feás from the University of Santiago de Composte and his research team have been successful in creating a new weapon against the Asian hornet. The Asian hornet (Vespa velutina nigrithorax) should be a worrying concern for all, not just beekeepers because this invasive species is a predator of various insects including pollinator insects.